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To airbrush or not to airbrush?

August 5th, 2011

Julie Roberts and Christy Turlington have been at the centre of an airbrushing scandal recently when the Advertising Standards Authority banned their respective make-up advertisements in the U.K.


It is the first decision of this kind after the British bodies regulating advertising practices have published a new advertising guidance that aimed to bring greater clarity about digital retouching for the cosmetics sector.

The defense used by these cosmetic companies was that, although “post-production techniques” (airbrushing) had been used, it accurately illustrated the products could achieve.

The Lancome product, Teint Miracle, claims it creates a natural light that emanates from beautiful skin.

The Maybelline Eraser foundation, claims to conceal crow’s feet, fine lines and dark circles.

It was admitted that post-production techniques had been used in its advert to “lighten the skin, clean up make-up, reduce dark shadows and shading around the eyes, smooth the lips and darken the eyebrows”.

Amanda from our Pro team at LA, had this to say regarding the banning of these advertisements “Airbrushing has been used since it was invented. It is only now because of these overly airbrushed adverts, is it being brought to the attention of the public. It is quite extreme. I think you have to take advertisements for what they are and realise that they are trying to sell you something, especially with regards to cosmetics. As a make-up artist, you must learn to tell what has been airbrushed, what has not been, what can be achieved and what cannot be.”

Do you prefer advertisements where natural beauty is celebrated not airbrushed? This an advertisement from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

We want to know what you think. Do these advertisements promote an image that is simply unachievable? Should cosmetic companies be banned from using airbrushing completely?

Or do you think that advertisements are selling illusions and we must take them for what they are, understanding that the results are more than likely unachievable?


The LA Team

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Winter Make-Up Haul in BT’s

October 21st, 2010

It is always seems to be late on a Thursday or Friday evening when I find myself drawn into the warm arms of Brown Thomas.

My first stop was at the beautiful Lancome counter. I find their staff so lovely to talk to that I always find myself chatting with them for about a half hour. My hope  was to purchase a few shadows of the fantastic “Photogenic Lumessence”. It has medium coverage, is great for dry skin and gives a beautiful dewy look. When I find a foundation that I want to add to my kit, I would get it in about 3-4shades. These can then be mixed to suit all skin tones. To my horror, the colours I was looking for were out of stock but I was advised that they will be back in stock very soon.

Next on to Nars. I am a big fan of Nars products and find them very versatile. The Nars multiple sticks are fantastic and can be used as a blusher,a lipstick and an eyeshadow. What more can a girl ask for? Today I focused on getting a blusher and a bronzer. If you are fond of reading make-up reviews, I am sure you have heard of Nars Laguna bronzer. It is constantly being voted the best bronzer on the market. So today was the day that I was going to take a Laguna bronzer home with me. The colour is fanastic and could be used on so many different skin tones so I am very proud of my purchase.
Now for blusher. I was instantly drawn to “Amour”. The colour was beautiful. I find it is a common problem that women can tend to wear a very cool pink colour of their cheeks. Unfortunatley for most of us, this colour does not suit and it makes you look very tired and slightly sickly. I would always recommend sticking to a warmer colour blush. It instantly gives you a healthy glowing look. Aswell as “Amour”by Nars, why not try “Fleur”by MAC.

Finally, I ventured over to MAC. I love going into MAC last thing in the evening as it is peaceful and I don’t have to fight for help with one of their counterstaff. I was searching for a fantastic pigment called “Melon”that one of LA’s top tutors, Sarah Jane Wai O’Flynn uses very regulary. Unfortunatley it was sold out but not to worry, it will be back next week. I had a quick browse through their new Disney Villains collection. Great packaging and quite dark colours like plums and charcoals. Perfect for winter.

So guys, whenever you find yourself with some free time, Brown Thomas will be waiting there with open arms so why not treat yourself to some  new products? If you require some help, why not come to LA Make-Up Academy and get your make-up bag rejuvenated for a mere €25. With a little help and guidance, you need not waste anymore money and time on make-up you will never use.

Love Ciara @ LA x

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LA Make-Up loves the BAFTA Look

March 1st, 2010

You know we love getting all dressed up and pretty here at LA Make up so we’re always jealous of the stars on their big nights out. And this is definitely the season for it all! The BAFTAs have got us all excited and in the mood for the big Oscar night next week. Didn’t you just love the style?
Of course all the nominees are pampered and primped together by make up artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists in the Dorchester BAFTA Style Suites. It could be you working in there one day!

Our favourite look was Kristen Stewart. The Twilight star just looked so sophisticated and her look was miles away from her usual lumber-jack and bed-head style. Voted the Orange Rising Star, Kirsten rocked a dark metallic combo. You could re-create this look using

  • Use a pale foundation to re-create that night-time look with a great primer like SmashBox underneath
  • Line the eyes with a liquid like the MAC Shadow Liner
  • Use a brown shadow with red tinges to give a deep smokey effect without being too dark. Try Benefit ‘Big Beautiful Eyes.’
  • Eyelure Lashes or Maybelline’s The Falsies.

We’ll leave the pedicure choice up to you!All the best looks are together here on Vogue UK. And if you want to get this look for your clients, try the Lancôme BAFTA Beauty Compact as seen on Marie Claire.

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A Model Face for YOU

September 4th, 2009

It was great to meet so many of you at the Which Course Expo last weekend! Hope you had as much fun as we did!


This week we’re very excited to announce the winner of our Face of LA competition. So many of you entered; it was really difficult to pick a winner from so many great faces. But Sinead Kearney just stood out. You’ll be seeing her on our Autumn and Winter Look for 2009 – we have some great secrets ready to reveal. And she’ll grace our webpage and newsletter. Plus, of course she will receive some fabulous images for her portfolio.


Sound like your cup of tea? LA Make-Up is also an agency so don’t be down if you missed out – it’s never to late to nail that glam career. We are always searching for the next new face so pop in and see us. Who knows? You could be joining Sinead in front of the camera some day.


Working with us as a model or a make-up artist gives you access to the very best of products. LA Make-Up are recognised for their excellence in high standards so we need to use the latest and the best to bring that across on a client’s skin.


LA Make-Up is a non-brand affiliated school but we are also M.A.C. approved so of course their products are on one of our mainstays – imagine how good you will look! We also love NARS. posted about their new Larger than Life mascara and we agree. Your lashes will literally grow when our experts load them up with this funky new product. And while we won’t get to Lancome’s Fashion Night Out next week, we can help you discover the new Autumn You with their great products.


Because, you know those chilly winds are coming and it’s time to pack away the summer shimmers. Vogue has already started with their winter advice and we can certainly add to that. We have all the latest tips for creating a perfect winter survival look – just drop in and see what we have on offer from Cinema Secrets, Benefit and our own LA Make-Up Cosmetics.


Check out our full list of products here. We’re sure to have your favourites.  Whether you’re looking for a new career as a makeup artist or a model or just need  a pick-me-up, you know that LA Make-Up is the way. Who needs chocolate when you could have Bobbi Brown’s Best of Chocolate lighting up your face after a visit to our studios? See you there!


What do you think makes a Great Model?

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