Deciding to become a pro makeup artist or fashion stylist (or maybe both!) comes with a long list of positive things you will learn and experience throughout the course and the process of becoming successful, professional makeup artist in the industry. While learning from the best of the industry, we would also like our students to gain practical experience and be ready for any challenge.



To Welcome Challenges With Passion and Strength

Becoming a makeup artist professional is an enjoyable, amazingly creative career path, but just like most professions, it can bring challenges you’d never had to face before. Whether it is starting your own makeup business, finding a job as a theatre or special effects makeup artist or becoming a makeup teacher yourself, our courses will also teach you how to adapt to different challenges and make the most of them.

To Notice & Grab Opportunities

Our pro makeup course is also based on practical knowledge that will help you become a successful girl boss. Besides providing you with makeup artist kits and technical knowledge, you will also learn how to realise and choose the best options for your career through the personal, inspiring stories of our teachers. We know that besides holding a certificate, our students also need an experience-based, practical knowledge that will guide them after completing a course, and ensure that they will notice the right opportunities.

To Be Well-Organised

Organising your life properly and making sure that every detail works out is an essential part of becoming a true professional…and this is exactly why we find it extremely important to help our students learn how to stay collected and well-organised. This way, you will be able to work in a balanced pace, even in stressful situations (such as busy fashion week preparations or movie sets)

To Empower Yourself and Others

One of the most important aspects that you will learn during our professional makeup course is how to empower yourself and the environment around you. Our girl bosses learn how to build their confidence and become successful in the industry while helping and motivating their community. Artists, designers and brands always choose to work with a makeup artist or fashion stylist who is independent, confident and isn’t afraid of challenges, so it’s essential to empower yourself. The quote “empowered women, empower women” couldn’t be more true, and this is why we not only guarantee a high level of education to our girls, but we also show the endless possibilities of empowering others with our Beyond Skin Foundation (read more about our project here ).

That Hard Work Pays Off

There is no dream-job, career path or makeup milestone you can’t reach with hard work – and while this might seem like a “too good to be true” statement, you will definitely realise that during the process of becoming a professional makeup artist. Our makeup courses are designed in a way that you can get a better understanding of how the industry exactly works and how pro makeup artists reached their goals through working hard and never giving up.

To Stay Motivated Throughout The Journey

Last, but certainly not least, our students learn how to stay motivated, confident and focused towards their goals. The lack of motivation can result in questioning your chosen career path, but with the right teachers and enough passion, you will experience the importance of being focused and easily overcome any obstacles.


Start Your Journey – Become a Professional Makeup Artist & Boss!

Learn from the bests of the industry and master these girl boss powers while creating daytime, night time, bridal, TV/print and theatre makeup looks and learning all about the industry with our Pro Makeup Course, starting 20th November 2017.

For signup and more details please check: The Ultimate PRO Diploma in Makeup Artistry

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