Finding Jobs In Fashion

Finding Jobs In Fashion

How The Fashion Industry Is For Nice People Too

Long hours, aggressive competitors, cruel bosses…. jobs in fashion are known to be cutthroat and impossible to get into, but in real life (luckily), the fashion industry is not like The Devil Wears Prada. It’s time to say goodbye to these stereotypes and take a look at the facts! With a little research, it is easy to see how the industry, especially nowadays shifted into a community that grows from sharing, mentoring and helping each other, both on a personal and global level.

The Nice Side Of Fashion: Jobs In Fashion That Make A Change

In the past decades, countless fashion brands, magazines and designers have been helping the younger generations. With the amazing internship opportunities (whether you would like to join a small editorial group or be a buyer assistant at Tom Ford) and junior positions, fashion editors, designers and managers can help teenagers gain hands-on experience and grow from their practical knowledge.

On the other hand, fashion brands and organisations support each other and various good causes. TOMS have been helping people in need, as well as out of school teenagers with their amazing line, The Catrinka Project supports women by guaranteeing working options, and LUSH is an active advocate for animal and human rights. But besides these brands, there are thousands and thousands of brands who give back to charity groups or support each other on ethical marketplaces – which proves that fashion is not exactly the shallow, vain industry people like to depict it.

The Key To Finding A Job In Fashion: A Strong Heart and Mind

Forget that you have to be aggressive and super competitive to get a job in fashion and switch these thoughts to hardworking, humble and strong. Yes, it’s a rocky road and it takes time to be successful, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on being a nice, generous person! If you are willing to start your fashion career (whether you are interested in fashion styling, fashion marketing or fashion designing), at the bottom and will be working hard to grow from there, you are set to become a girl boss.


You Are Not Alone

And if you ever question yourself or if you are suitable for the industry, just remember that you are not the only one having this dream and fighting hard to be a part of the fashion world. There is a huge group of emerging designers, freelancer fashion writers and personal stylists who are all going through the same and would be happy to connect with you to share stories and motivate one another.



How To Survive The Hard Times In The Fashion Industry

Whether you are searching for jobs in fashion or have been working in fashion for the past months, there are always more difficult times that need that little extra dedication and motivation. During these times…

…Don’t Assume You Career Will Be Linear

Getting a degree, finding an internship, landing a job interview – it all sounds perfect, but don’t worry if things don’t necessarily go this way. Working in fashion can be unpredictable, so make sure you can adapt to sudden situations without losing the drive!

…Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Things

Staying nice and hardworking (even during rough times) will help you stay humble in the fashion industry, but make sure to gain confidence and when you want to ask something…just go ahead and ask for it!  

…Don’t Forget Why You Started

Even if you feel a bit down (and trust us, that is completely normal), keep in mind the reasons you wanted to work in the fashion industry. Write them down, create a dashboard and hang it on your wall. Never give up on your dreams, because those are the little goals that will keep you going!

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