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The Most Iconic MAC Collections


As LA College host professional makeup courses in Dublin, MAC Masterclasses, MAC products and artists are always present in the college. With MAC being a huge influence in the life of the Tutors, Students and LA, we thought we would put together a few of the most iconic MAC make-up collections: The Simpsons, Maleficent, Moody Bloom, RiRi Hearts Mac, Marilyn Monroe, and The Osbournes.


By: Kelly Hope Murphy


  • The Simpsons

  • Maleficent

  • Moody Bloom

The Simpsons – an iconic American cartoon family that have been on our screens and teaching us some odd life lessons for decades. Now, though? It’s not just through the television that we are inviting them into our homes. First it was backpacks, lunch boxes and plush toys but now the family of five have really made their mark on the entertainment industry. They have taken the big leap from Springfield right into your local M.A.C Cosmetic stores. Although Marge may not have often been seen as more than a harried mother figure in the sitcom with un-forgettable one liners like ‘How did the pig tracks get on the ceiling’, she is the star of their make-up range! The design and packaging features her image alone and we see the products themselves reflecting colour accents such as her infamous blue hair. 
Although most M.A.C Collections feature a pretty considerable amount of products this one is pretty small and simple with just 10 products including – nail stickers, eye shadows, lip-glasses, lashes and a few more exciting products that are available directly from the MAC Website.

It’s bold, it’s exciting and fun! What else would you really expect in this star crossed romance between the world’s most vibrant family and daring make up brand? So far - my heart seems to skip a bit of a beat when I’m around ‘Lisa’s Spikes’ – a yellow lipglass that Marge herself is said to of branded as ‘working well with my skin tone’. I’m sure it won’t be everyone’s favourite piece but I’m awarding it the title of ‘must have item’ in this collection!


When it comes to M.A.C iconic collections it's impossible to leave out one of the most magical and haunting collections of all times. Although dark and intense aren't words usually heard when describing Disney, they fit perfectly with the Iconic villain who is the star of one of this years biggest M.A.C collections. Maleficent hit the big screen with a bang and now you can get her in your make up bag too! This icon casts an undeniable spell on all of our hearts with the desire for these sensuous, wickedly tempting products. Despite her best efforts to instill nothing but fear in us when we hear her name we can now add something new to the list of things we secretly love about her! Her taste in make up! Her range includes: strip lashes, single lashes, three nail lacquers, a highlighter, powder, sculpting powder, lipsticks, lip-glass, lip pencils, eye liner and eye brows. As seen in Vogue



With golden rich tones, deep earthly wooden browns from the forest kingdom and the darkest of blacks combining to create an un-stoppable bold range it sure does make a statement. When we think of Maleficent the stand out aspects of her look are : Dark eyes, incredible cheek bones and dark red lips. Unlike Angelina Jolie we sadly can't all have prosthetic cheek bones applied every day but ladies you can trust me when I say that the Sculpting Powder is going to get you as close as you ever can to her look! It's like the flick of a magic wand!



I could personally leave the head piece at home but everything else about her look is breathtakingly beautiful, and now it's so achievable with these products that also work as very basic, statement pieces in your make up collection! For me the 'must have item' of this collection is the Prep + Prime Highlighter which you will all be glad to know is a permanent M.A.C product! The mid-tone peachy coral highlight really does make me feel like I'm ready to hit the Disney big screen! Remember guys – Disney is where dreams come true, but your local M.A.C store is where we put in all the ground work!


M.A.C Cosmetics Moody Bloom:

With summer fading fast M.A.C have once again come to our rescue with a collection that is strong, bold and exotic enough to keep our hearts feeling beach ready. Described on their website as 'night-blooming flowers with a hint of danger,' what girl wouldn't fall head over heels in love? Although sometimes we can feel as if collections can start to get a little bit repetitive within every big make up brand, I was so pleased to see that this time around “Moody Bloom” has really taken things up a notch! From innovative colors, textures and designs there is something for everyone! All products available directly from the MAC Website.

At first glance I'm sure to most it can seem a little terrifying. From Copper toned gel liners and Peach tinted blushers to Sheen Supreme in Bubble-Gum colors it could very reasonably feel daunting. Lucky for us, though, a little can go a long way! Add a burst of colour to your lips with an otherwise natural eye, or go for a simple dewy skin look with 'Bred For Beauty' running through the tops of your cheekbones. With everything in moderation, anything is possible. And with another roll of the dice, if you want to be daring M.A.C yet again are giving you every opportunity to be creative, diverse and brave!


As well as all of the basics staples, which trust me there are a plenty of in this range - with six eye shadows, six lipsticks, five lipglasses, and an incredibly impressive mascara - they are also higlighting two very crucial tools in this collection. Without brushes like their 211 pointed liner and 239 shader brush, collections like Moody Bloom simply wouldn't be viable. Not only can you get exciting new colors and looks but you can now also get the tools to by-pass the beauty faux-pas. Remember; no matter what product you get, it's nothing without the right applicator.


Is Moody Bloom for everybody? Probably not. Is it worth looking into? Absolutely. Let's face it, M.A.C are flawless in terms of their design and when it comes to the quality of their products. It might not be 100% up your street but I promise if you take two seconds to look outside your comfort zone you may just find something that brings you and your make up bag a whole new lease on life!


  • RiRi Hearts Mac

  • Marilyn Monroe

  • The Osbournes

Although Rihanna may not be everyones musical cup of tea, we cannot deny the impact and influence she has on everything she seems to lend her face to. So it was no real surprise after her fragrance range that she tackled another aspect of the beauty world by teaming up with M.A.C to bring us 'Riri Hearts M.A.C'. With hit's such as 'Run This Town', 'Pon De Replay' and 'Unfaithful' Rihanna is used to being on top. Being the face of such a well known and highly praised make up brand was sure to benefit both parties involved. At this stage her face has been plastered around M.A.C stores for a while but my favorite and I feel strongest collection to date was Riri Hearts M.A.C Summer 2013 collection.



With her signature 'R' and rose gold accents clear through the packaging and design of the collection I fell in love before I even saw the products themselves. For her Summer 2013 collection she released four lipsticks, a lip-glass, two lip pencils, a bronzer, two brow liners, powders, blushers, two eye shadow quads, two brushes, lashes, a mascara and a liquid liner. On paper the products are clearly uniformed, united and probably one of the strongest looking collections. When I first saw this collection sitting on the black shiny counter tops of my local M.A.C store it simply, worked. It ticked every box a collection based upon a strong, iconic woman in the industry should.


In most collections my 'must have item' takes me a while to find and love but that wasn't the case with Riri Hearts M.A.C – although it's the only product in this collection that isn't adorned in the rose gold colors with her lusted after signature scrawled across the handles my favorite product in this range is the 'Rose Gold Lustre Drops'. Its one of my all time favorite M.A.C products and it's a product that I don't feel gets enough attention. It's a warm, rose gold toned bronzer with the consistency nearing foundation. You simply apply the iridescent by dabbing it to the tops of your cheek bones with the pads of your fingers and blending it out with a fan brush. It leaves you with a frosted shimmer sheen that is very similar to 'Supernatural' by Illamasqua.




“Beneath the make up I am just a girl who wishes for the world” Although she may of seen past the superficial aspect of beauty, the face of in my opinion the most iconic M.A.C collection to date was no stranger to the beauty world. Setting trends with her beauty mark, perfectly lined eyes and lustrous red lips Marilyn Monroe broke a lot of beauty boundaries. To this day she is still one of the most sought after faces in beauty with woman sculpting, prepping and priming in hopes of reaching any element of her never fading beauty. When M.A.C announced this collection I will admit I was hesitant, growing up photographs of Marilyn applying lipstick by her vanity were images that inspired me to be where I am today working in the beauty world. M.A.C however stayed so very true to her and her essence creating an award winning, show-tactic, glitter filled, beautiful collection that I'm sure she herself would have been proud of.


When re-searching this collection in full I was overwhelmed by the volume of products. Five nail lacquers, two blushes, a powder, a mascara, two 'dazzle-glass' (lip-glasses), two eye pencils, four large shadows, brow finisher, brow marker, liner, five lipsticks, three lip pencils and false lashes it is probably one of the strongest M.A.C collections that have yet to hit their stores. With the colors reflecting her captured lustre, sex appeal and glamour – these products are as show stopping as she was. Although she said 'Diamonds are a girls best friend' I'm sure most M.A.C customers will be making life long friendships with these wearable, strong products. The most important and I personally think very prominent thread running through this collection is the capability it gives girls world wide to create Marilyn's look. From the pearl white shadows 'How to Marry' and Penultimate Rapidblack liner to easily apply that famous winged liner, we can all sit in-front of our vanity's pouting our 'Deeply Adored' red lips and pay homage to the star that stole our hearts.


Although I personally fell in love with nearly every item in this collection I have to give just one product the tittle of 'Must Have Item' and I think I'm going to go with my heart and give it to the 'Love Goddess' red lipstick. With it's cool undertone and heavy pink influence it's far more than just a 'red lipstick'.




When I think of the Osbourne infamous name the first thing that tends to come to my mind is the weekend I didn't sleep after my father told me the story of Ozzy Osbourne allegedly eating a bat head on stage. When I think of them now? Well it's all glitz and glamour. Both Kelly and Sharon – daughter and wife to Ozzy have taken on the role of being the face of the family and they are not doing it quietly. Between Kelly's shock transformation, her staring role on E! Fashion Police and Sharon's (questionable) stint on reality tv shows they have both been blowing up our screens and living a very public life on the pages of every tabloid magazine. In the Summer of 2013 though it wasn't their name, fame or family we were discussing, it was their new M.A.C Cosmetics partnership. The mother daughter duo have arrived on our door steps with a two-part collection that is sure to make the M.A.C history books. Both collections have their ups and downs with brushes, quads, heavy lip influences and blush products. They are very distinctively 'Sharon' and 'Kelly' – lets see exactly what each had to offer us!


Kelly's iconic light violet with signature in red products are undoubtably in tune with the beauty herself. We can see she chose fearless, vibrant, statement shades transitioning through out the products. One of Kelly's main features is her 'Bloody Brilliant' Quad eye shadow where again the color purple is a strong theme ranging this time from plums to barley there lilacs. In contrast we see shocking pinks, oranges and even nudes going through her lipsticks. If you go through photographs of Kelly one thing is always the same : bold eye liner and this is where we see a real stand our product that is true to her look : Jumbo Penultimate in Rapidblack. But beware is not for the faint hearted!


Sharon's collection is a lot more wearable which isn't always a compliment but when you look at them both on paper you can definitely see what collection is mothers and which one is daughters. Where Kelly chose to decorate in her lilac, Sharon has a strong fire box red theme running through her packaging. Her collection again features similar products but done in a totally different style. Her 'Duchess' quad is effortless, the two featured lip-glasses could go with 90% of your every day looks and her mineralize skin finish (if blended well) would suit nearly all of our skin tones. The main difference in the collections product's wise is where Kelly chose bold, statement lipsticks – Sharon chose to use chunky lip pencils.

Over all I think both of the collections stayed very true to the women standing behind them. In Kelly's collection my 'Must Have Item' would be her blush in 'Cheeky Bugger' and in Sharon's I think my favorite would be (can I not say everything?) her Duchess quad! I really recommend having a look into these two sets and being open minded. For anyone who know's me – I'm sure they'd say Kelly's would more up my alley but this time? I'm team Sharon!