1 Year Makeup Artistry & Fashion Programme

ITEC (Optional)

Course Location

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


1 Academic Year – 9 Months Total Monday – Thursday
9.30AM – 3PM

Starting Dates

Start Date: 3rd September 2018

Please note that this course is in extremely high demand and is strictly by invite only with very limited enrolment available.

The best and most exclusive Makeup Artistry and Fashion course in the world!

Put quite simply, there is no course that can match this... anywhere! Happening in Dubai, the hottest destination for all the world’s glitterati and the capital of cool when it comes to cutting edge trends, your classes will be taking place right at the heart of global style and fashion.

Forget waiting in line to show the world what you’ve got. We believe if you have the talent and the ideas then you can make it big right now! With us you will get masterclasses from the world’s greatest makeup artists and stylists, the people the biggest stars trust to give them red carpet wow factor and turn them into style icons. With our help, you will join this elite of global trendsetters and creators by become the superstar you were born to be.

As this is the No. 1 make-up artistry and fashion course in the business, demand is extremely high. Our graduates enter the industry with extreme confidence, knowing they belong among the world’s best. To maintain our elite reputation and industry-leading standards this course is strictly by invitation only.  

All of our students will get to travel to London and Paris Fashion Weeks, as well as attending a Five-Day Masterclass in London. This means you will be mixing with the who’s who of global fashion VIPs and making your name as a new star on the scene. With world-renowned guest speakers we hook you up with our elite network, spread across the globe, to ensure you get a serious head-start in the world of high-end makeup artistry and fashion. 

This is the ultimate in makeup and fashion training and there is nothing else like it anywhere in the world!

Obsession With Excellence

Our Dubai course offers the most bespoke and customised training for today's makeup and fashion world! We never settle for being less than the best and we have created this course for those who feel the same. Everything you will learn and take part in has been specially tailored to create superstars. 

Your training will take place in our state of the art campus in Dubai and you will follow an amazing one-year learning journey. As part of your incredible year, you will become a true expert and enjoy the following:

Obsession with excellence

We provide you with all the tools to become a massive international success. Whether it’s learning techniques from the greatest experts in the world or building an awesome personal brand, our course is the ultimate way to launch an amazing career in whichever fashion and makeup field you want.

Our continued support and personal mentoring service means that we will keep helping you to rise to the top. This course is completely unique and in such high demand because we do everything to ensure your dreams come true. That includes using only the best products, hiring the elite of international trainers and connecting our students with the most important people in world fashion

Jobs This is the leading course anywhere in the world because of the total 360° training we give to our students in every area they will need. Each course and trainer is specifically chosen to make sure our students become the best in the industry. We also enforce a strict invitation only policy to make sure only the most talented and passionate students take part.

Career Opportunities

Due to this obsession with excellence we have an unrivalled employment rate of 98% for our graduates. Here are just some of the roles our graduates can look forward to:

Elite Fashion Stylist | Fashion Journalist | Magazine Contributor | Runway Makeup Artist | Haute Couture Designer Stylist | TV Production Makeup Artist | Theatrical Makeup Artist | Freelance Makeup Artist | Bridal Makeup Specialist | Trendsetting Beauty Blogger | Special Effects Makeup Artist | Personal Stylist 

TOTAL COURSE investment: 259045.67AED

Please note that this course is in extremely high demand and is strictly by invite only with very limited enrolment available.