The diploma in Fashion Styling, Buying and Merchandising


Course Location

Dublin, Ireland

ONLINE also available: Enjoy learning from the comfort of your own home with our optional online learning platform


      FULL-TIME: 9 Weeks
Monday - Thursday 
9.30AM - 3PM
PART-TIME: 12 Weeks
Monday - Tuesday
6.30PM - 9PM
(Including one Saturday per month)

Starting Dates

20th November 2017 -Part Time -Full

8th January 2018 -Part Time -Applications Open
8th March 2018 -Full Time -Applications Open

(For both Full-time and Part-time)

Helping Our Students Get Great Jobs in Fashion

This fantastic multi-level course is unique in the fashion industry in Ireland! You can study all three modules to get a broad understanding of the industry or pick one individual module you want to focus on.

Our programme gives you everything you need to launch your career in fashion, delivering advanced business insight and introducing you to our network of professionals in the industry. With intensive training in essential skills and expert professional guidance, you can land your dream job and build a glamorous career fuelled by your natural passion.

LA College is unique in offering a specialised 360° introductory approach to Fashion Styling, Buying and Merchandising. You already have the eye for looks and the desire to succeed but we will show you how to focus and apply your talents to find success.

A major part of our mission is also giving back. We believe humility is important to keep people grounded in our industry, which is why we are opening the first ever Academy especially for victims of acid attacks and domestic violence in Kolkata, India. You can read more about the wonderful Beyond Skin Foundation and how you can be involved here.

Course content:

Our experts will share their deep understanding of the real world of fashion so you’re ready to walk straight into the field. Too often people are taught unnecessary skills or cast aside in internships which don’t allow them to express themselves and develop (or earn anything!). We are absolutely focused on giving you the knowledge and skills which will make you valuable from day one!

Fashion Styling

If you want to know how to become a stylist we’ll show you everything you need. An LACCA diploma in Fashion Styling, Buying and Merchandising will give you the perfect foundation to start building your career.

The fashion styling course includes:

Fashion Buying

With so many people wanting jobs in fashion you will need every advantage you can get to succeed. By taking our combined Fashion Styling, Buying and Merchandising courses you will immediately gain unique insight into the world you want to work in.

Learn how to become a fashion buyer through:

Fashion Merchandising

Other styling,buying and merchandising courses don’t put you in direct contact with local and international employers. We are proud that 98% of our graduates go on to gain jobs in fashion, proving your time at LACCA is a great investment in your own future.

We prepare you for employment in fashion merchandising by introducing you to:

Obsession with excellence

Course Structure

We are obsessed with excellence and we have created our course on that basis. We don’t do wasted time or pointless exercises! Everything you will hear and learn is essential and every project or portfolio you do is developing a key skill that transfers directly to the professional world.

Week 1 - 2

Week 3 – 4

Week 5 - 6 

Week 6 – 8

What You Will Gain From This Course:

At LACCA we focus on the 3 C’s we believe every student should be enhancing while attending our courses: Craft, Career and Confidence.

We believe every student should leave with the ability to work in their chosen profession, the knowledge of how and where to get a job and the personal belief in their own vision and ability.

The intimate knowledge, valuable skills and expert advice they will gain in all three areas of fashion styling, buying and merchandising through these courses will prove invaluable for students’ careers. It will give them:

We also offer a huge range of perks and extras to all of our students.

Jobs in Fashion: Your Prospective Career Path

Fashion Stylist | Fashion Assistant | Personal Stylist | Wardrobe Stylist | Fashion Buyer | Buyer Assistant | Fashion Blogger | Visual Merchandiser | Display Assistant | Social Media Creative | Marketing Assistant | Merchandising Admin Assistant | Editorial Assistant


The course modules will begin with Fashion Styling for the first half of the course duration and will move on to Buying & Merchandising for the second half. You can choose to study either Fashion Styling or all the three modules in the course including Styling, Buying & Merchandising.