Beyond skin foundation

LA is delighted to announce that a percentage of all course fees will go towards The Beyond Skin Foundation.

The vision of the Beyond Skin Foundation, which was founded in January 2012 by LA College Of Creative Arts founder Lorraine O'Neill, is to provide the women of India with relevant education, proven excellence in training and resources to secure employment opportunities.

The Beyond Skin Foundation helps women to see and believe the power of change. They listen, educate and encourage and they commit to the development of women in India.

The foundation equips women with the power to change their circumstances and the way they live by providing them with training that encourages self-reliance and which can be used in many different ways.

The Beyond Skin Foundation Believes in providing women with the opportunity to build their own viable and sustainable businesses. Economic empowerment is just the first step in empowering these women. Dignity not charity sums up the strategy of Beyond Skin. With the help of the foundation and its specialist training women can apply their new skills to other aspects of their lives and can participate in other initiatives in their communities.

This is the platform upon which the Beyond Skin Foundation is built and offered.

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grab your opportunity to volunteer in india with beyond the skin foundation.