A day in the life of an LA student

My name is Ciara O'Toole and I have just recently graduated from the One Year HNC course in LA College of Creative Arts.

When the leaving certificate was approaching last year, I knew makeup was what I wanted to do in the future. I always had a huge passion for makeup and I just knew I wanted to get a degree in it. I was researching different colleges and courses trying to decide which ones were best and which colleges would actually benefit me in the long run. LA was by far the college that stood out to me. I was looking at past students work and saw how talented they were and also the careers they got from going to this college.  LA offers the highest makeup qualification in Ireland and it's the only place you can get it. After only graduating two months ago, I can already see how LA's qualification has benefited me already.

The course began at the beginning of September and ended at the end of April, I had an amazing time in LA College, each tutor that I had helped each student individually and showed us how to improve our skills. Every tutor in the college was incredibly talented with bucket loads of experience which really helped every student reach their full potential. In this course you cover every single thing you can think of to do with makeup such as beauty makeup, catwalk, special effects, drag queen and even customer care, photography, hair styling and teaching everyone how to start their own businesses so they will be prepared for the real world!

Throughout the year, we also had several different photo shoots to do which is a fantastic way to build up a portfolio. Each photo shoot had a different module and we had to organize the models, the styling, the hair and the make up. The photo shoots were a lot of fun and such a great experience!

The college encourages it's students to get involved in various work experiences. They organise different work experiences for their students and ask who is interested or one of the tutors can pick certain people and put them forward for an upcoming event.

My tutor actually put me forward to work with Xpose one afternoon and it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever gotten. I got to work with an amazing stylist, Laura Mullet, and two fabulous models Shauna Lindsay and Brittany Mason, there's really nothing like working on a set and seeing all the behind the scenes taking place. I would have never gotten that opportunity if it wasn't for LA.The makeup I did that day was then aired on Television and it was a such a surreal moment to see my work on TV.  

This time last year, I never ever would have thought I would have come this far already. I have graduated from college with a distinction and I have gained so many skills and am now able to call myself a professional makeup artist. I have to thank all my hard working tutors who encouraged me, helped me improve my talents and grow my love for the makeup industry.

While I was in LA, I wanted to become a professional makeup artist and only after graduating two months ago I have already gotten a full time job in MAC Cosmetics in Dublin Airport.

It's safe to say I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for LA College and the help the staff and fellow classmates gave me.'

Thank you LA College of Creative Arts!

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