Famous Celebrity Makeup Artists’ Secrets About The Industry

Working for the MET Ball, creating bridal makeup for Amal Clooney, doing a crazy red carpet makeup look in only 10 minute - working as a makeup professional definitely comes with unique situations that you can only imagine in your wildest dreams. Makeup legends Charlotte Tilbury, Monica Blunder and Daniel Martin were all open about their stories, struggles and experiences with other makeup and fashion legends!

The Luxurious Lifestyle of Runway and Celebrity Makeup Artists

“I've worked with Proenza Schouler for 10 years, and I have a pretty awesome collection of bags that would make any girl jealous.” 

– says Daniel Martin, a makeup artist legend who besides working for the biggest fashion brands also created makeup looks for red carpet events and editorial shoots. Besides that, celebrity and brand ambassador makeup artists also get the perks of first class flights, gorgeous hotels, private access to makeup collections and working together with the most famous fashion designers.

Unexpected Challenges

Just like every job, being a professional makeup artist and working with fashion industry legends and other creatives comes with many unexpected challenges…but way more interesting and glamourous than any other industry. Handling 4 clients at the same time before the MET Ball (where artists have to create the craziest looks) was definitely a good lesson about time management for Daniel Martin, but Charlotte Tilbury also opened up about the exhausting, yet exciting creative obstacles and celebrity calendars she has to face on a daily basis.

Patience & Understanding

What every celebrity makeup artist will agree on is the importance of listening and being patient. To become successful, it is essential to work together with the client, which can be difficult when working with famous brands and stars with their very own visions. A makeup artist and look is successful when the visions are blended together and everyone is satisfied – says Daniel Martin in an interview.

Handling The Stress

Of course, all the free gifts and famous clients come with a stressful aspect as well. Travelling around with huge makeup kits, rushing from one city to another in a few hours, handling different personalities and clients can be tiring after a while, especially in such a creative environment.

The Power of Social Media

Believe it or not, some of today’s most popular makeup artists were contacted and discovered by social media, which shows the importance of these sites in a makeup artist’s life. Ariel Tejada (Kylie Jenner’s and the Kardashian family’s makeup artist) was discovered by Kylie on Instagram because of his minimalist style and precise, amazing makeup looks. Besides Ariel Tejada, there are various artists who became professionals to celebrities or professional vloggers and influencers by posting their looks, which is a great lesson and career tip for aspiring makeup students.

Building a Makeup Empire

Besides working as a pro makeup artist, some artists (such as Charlotte) create their own makeup line with products that they are genuinely passionate about, and of course, these products gain a huge popularity because of the trust the makeup artists already have.

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