Halloween Makeup Inspiration – For Aspiring Makeup Artists

It’s that time of the year again, when you can experiment with crazy, over the top looks and show off your creative side. Say goodbye to the regular costumes such as witch and black cat and explore the twisted and dark side of Halloween makeup looks – whether you are looking for inspiration as a makeup artist for other clients or for your own ideas, you will fall in love with these looks.

Fortune Teller

Why is it so special: We love the fact that fortune teller is not a literal interpretation of “dark” Halloween looks, yet it still can be absolutely terrifying with the right makeup and costume ideas. The whole look is based around the eyes (from coloured contacts to dripping gold glitter and deep purple and burgundy veins, nothing’s off limits), but you can also play with metallic, overdrawn lips and beautiful face paint to make your fortune teller look complete. 

The matching outfit: A maxi dress with lots and lots of statement jewellery, a headchain and of course, a multicolored bandana and long wavy hair

Pop Art

Why is it so special: Pop art has become a really popular Halloween face makeup recently, and we can perfectly see why. It’s colourful, vibrant and something completely different from the regular Halloween trends that you can create in endless ways. For this makeup look, you will need highly pigmented white, black, blue, yellow and red liners and eye shadows and precise brushes to emphasize your facial structure and create tiny dots and lines that will pull the look together.

The matching outfit: Try out something leather, patent leather or even latex. A bright red bralette with a blue pencil skirt and yellow heels or a polka dot dress with killer red high heels is a perfect fit for the Pop Art Makeup look.


Why is it so special: This is for the girls who love to be detailed when it comes to makeup looks – a Sugarskull face like this will let you try out any colour, crystal and shape you’ve ever dreamed about. Although they are quite popular as well, every Sugarskull look is completely different and one of a kind because of the so many variations, so make sure to make it your own! We love this purple, black and diamond makeup look, which tones the regular shades a little back and only uses three different colours. 

The matching outfit: Keep your outfit super simple to make sure it doesn’t steal the attention from your stunning Halloween makeup look.

Alice in Wonderland

Why is it so special: Whether you would like to recreate the Mad Hatter, Alice, The Queen of Hearts or the White Rabbit, this classic story gives you at least 10 different makeup options to choose from, raging from easy Halloween makeup to more complex one, involving different characters. For Alice or a tea party look, you can use light pastels and symbols such as teacups and hearts, and for the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat, you can turn the look into a scary Halloween makeup. This makeup look features the White Rabbit with a touch of Alice’s style, making it a very detailed, stunning makeup look.

The matching outfit: Depending on a character, a baby blue or blood red tulle dress.

Welcome To The Circus

Why is it so special: The black nails and the dripping body makeup with the tones of dirty purple and black is just the perfect mix for a dark clown or circus look. This makeup look doesn’t include any of the regular circus Halloween elements and makes it even more interesting with black contact lens, which makes this one of our favourites from the list.

The matching outfit: depending on your colour choice, wear either a black or red mesh dress and a little hat and keep the focus on the makeup.

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