The Rising World of Fashion

As a multi-billion pound industry and of the most popular industry choices of young people, fashion is a constantly rising business that holds various career paths for creatives such as stylists and designers and business professionals such as buyers and merchandisers. Getting a diploma, studying fashion and taking part in a fashion styling course is an essential way to kickstart your own career and become part of the industry – but how does fashion maintain its financial success and popularity and why is it a good choice for you? Keep on reading!

Success Based on Creativity and Passion

Many of today’s biggest fashion houses and brands started with an idea, concept or dream that was unique and rare at the time. Daring femininity mixed with luxury helped Versace rise to the top, while simplistic and masculine with expertise in materials made Chanel one of today’s leading haute couture brands. These brands created an established future and billion dollar businesses based on creativity and a passion for fashion and today, thousands of emerging designers and stylists are following them in creating successful businesses.

The Modern World of Fashion

Over the decades, the fashion industry became more and more powerful. With the growing online presence (online marketplaces, social media stars and influencers), different designs and brands are more accessible than ever, paving a way to upcoming stylists and designers. As a constantly growing business, it offers many work opportunities and career paths to all fashion lovers – and by attending fashion styling schools and fashion styling colleges, students can easily get ahead in the industry.

Shown by statistics and financial reports, fashion is not only a huge, but also well-payed career opportunity for fashion lovers. 

The UK fashion industry is worth over £26 billion and currently offers 800,000 jobs for those interested, only in the United Kingdom. 

With these reports, there is no doubt that studying fashion styling or combining more subjects and studying fashion styling, buying and merchandising will guarantee you a useful degree that will combine your passion with amazing business opportunities.

Why Study Fashion Styling, Buying & Merchandising?

Fashion is a competitive industry, whether you are interested in the styling, merchandising or buying part…so being prepared and learning from the bests is essential to help you become successful. If you are interested in a fashion designing course or fashion styling course, we recommend starting it asap to see the behind the scenes details and to gain practical knowledge that will help you find your perfect job match.

Be A Part Of The Industry!

Sign up for our Fashion Styling, Buying & Merchandising Makeup Course (starting 20th November 2017) and gain knowledge from professionals!


What should you expect?

 A detailed course with all the aspects of styling, buying and merchandising, and a diploma that will help you find any job across the world of fashion.

Our course includes:

- Understanding fashion styling, the process of bookings, photoshoot organizing, clothes sourcing and budget management and building your own brand

- Learning about buying strategies, market research, supply and distribution logistics, trend analysis, buying calendars and fashion marketing terms (including SWOT Analysis)

- Introduction of fashion merchandising, creation and supervision of visual displays, fashion marketing management and forecasting fashion trends


Fore more details and sign up information please check out our Diploma in Fashion Styling, Buying and Merchandising Course.

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