The Versatility of Being a Makeup Artist

Attending a professional makeup course and becoming a mastered makeup artist is an exciting opportunity with endless career options. While some people think that as a makeup artist, you can only work in certain fields, in reality, this industry holds so many opportunities for aspiring artists, from working on fashion show sets to developing products and teaching students.

Print Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist for editorial shoots, commercials and magazines covers is one of the most fun ways to always work on different projects and creating drastically different looks. For one shoot, you might need to create a subtle no-makeup makeup look for an ethical fashion line, the next day, you’ll need to create a futuristic, full face and body makeup for a creative photoshoot. Working for print helps you try yourself in many versatile situations, while teaching you how to adapt to different brands and magazines visions and how to sell items and campaigns with the help of makeup.

Bridal/Special Occasion Makeup Artist

Working as a bridal makeup artist will let you have a very special bond and connection with your clients. Working together with the brides, you will learn more about their personalities and ideas, and mixing their thoughts with your expertise and creativity, you will be able to create memorable and absolutely stunning bridal makeup looks. Making them feel confident and beautiful will become your main aim, and besides bridal makeup, you will also get similar special occasion jobs while working as a bridal artist.

Celebrity Makeup Artist: Red Carpets & Events

Working with celebrities sounds like a dream job for most people, and as their makeup artist, you will not only help build their brands, but will also have a glance to all the behind the scenes secrets. After choosing to work for singers, models and actors/actresses, you have to main career options: becoming their permanent makeup artist professional (and be on the road with them), or do freelancer, project-based jobs for different celebrities. Both have their own perks of course. If you decide to build a long-term relation with a celebrity and work as their personal makeup artist, you will have more stability and will be able to assist their branding. On the other hand, working for different stars will offer you interesting options and always something new.

Medical/Spa Makeup Artists

If you are not a fan of the idea of freelancing, you can always have a contract with a beauty salon or medical spa and have a permanent contract. In these environments, you will help the clients with beauty and skincare tips while teaching makeup lessons that will make their everyday life easier.

Beauty Counter Makeup Artist

Similarly to a spa/medical makeup artist professional, this job also offers stability with a mix of sales experience and makeup application. You will not only help customers with specific makeup application (applying false lashes, choosing the matching lipstick or foundation tone), but will also learn about sales and marketing, and get the opportunity to present new collections and promotions to PR teams.

Runway Makeup Artist

This is a perfect job for fashion lovers – besides creating makeup looks, your job will also be connected to new fashion trends and collections. If you are working as a head makeup artist, you will be close to the designer to design and “invent” new makeup looks and trends that harmonize with the collections. Working as a runway professional makeup artist also gives you the chance to be more creative and think outside of the box.

Theatre/Film Makeup Artist

Just like print/TV, working as a theatre makeup artist professional will let you play with your creativity and contribute to creating different characters – whether it’s an old lady look from the 1800’s, a Catwoman or a black swan look. With all the different roles, you are guaranteed to never be bored with this job!

Working Behind The Scenes

Besides being a freelancer or beauty counter makeup artists, there are other fields as well for you to explore behind the scenes. Writing about beauty and makeup, assisting in product development to create makeup artist kits and new beauty formulas or teaching and being part of a professional makeup course are all career paths for makeup artists.

The LA College of Creative Arts Perspective

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