Support Your Sister: The Beyond Skin Foundation

Support Your Sister: The Beyond Skin Foundation

With a growing number of victims every year, acid attacks and acid violence is a topic that needs to be talked about more. As a cruel form of revenge, acid attacks can easily deform the face or any other body parts, causing lifelong physical and psychological consequences for the victims – and as so many of the victims are left without the support they need, it is time to raise our voice and start actively participating.


The Beyond Skin Foundation Vision

Our Vision is simple: giving back the survivors the hope of a positive life by training them, helping with employment and making them feel beautiful again. We believe that by educating and training these brave, strong women, we can create opportunities together that lead to a positive future. With hundreds of women and children left insecure and unsure about themselves and their future, it is extremely important to stand up against acid violence and support the victims in a long-term way. By starting our supportive makeup trainings in 2017 October, we hope to help the victims find a new career way while feeling comfortable in their own bodies again.

How Can You Participate?

First and foremost, it is essential that we raise our voices about this issue. Although it is an unpleasant topic that people tend to avoid, we have to give the recognition they deserve to the survivors and help them rebuild their lives and enjoy their journey towards recovery. With any enquiries, collaboration ideas or donations, please contact Lola O’Neil, the founder of the project.

About The Project

The aim is to guarantee a positive future by rebuilding acid violence victims’ confidence and securing their employment. To make sure we support women as much as we can, the Beyond Skin Foundation consists of three elements, each focusing on different aspects:

Rebuilding Their Confidence – With the help of specialist products, wigs and lashes, we will teach women how to cover up their scars and do their own makeup. We hope that with this process, we can start rebuilding the survivors’ confidence and make them feel beautiful, which later will help in the employment process as well.

Makeup Training – After learning about the specialty scar products and about how to do their own makeup, we will start our professional makeup training, specializing for bridal makeup. With over 10 million weddings each year in India, this career path will offer higher employment rates for women. Being taught by professional artist from Europe and from the United States, we can help the victims get a detailed, amazing training and an internationally recognized certification at the end of the project.  A new life begins for these amazing women.

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